Relationships of
Vertebrate Animals
to this Plant:


Gleditsia triacanthos
(Honey Locust) [Caesalpiniaceae]
(observations are from Snyder, Mager & Nelson, Mu╠nzer, and Belthoff & Ritchison)


Psittacidae: Conuropsis carolinensis (Carolina Parakeet) [seeds of minor importance as a source of food] Snd2004;
Strigidae: Megascops asio (Eastern Screech Owl) [this tree provided 1.4% of the roost sites for young owls in Kentucky & it had average preference for this purpose] BR1990

Vespertilionidae: Lasiurus borealis (Eastern Red Bat) [large honey locusts provide 3.0% of summer roost trees in an urban environment of Illinois during the summer with above-average preference] MN2001, Nycticeius humeralis (Evening Bat) [cavities and/or exfoliating bark of this tree provided 3% of the roost sites in Michigan] Mnz2008