Relationships of
Vertebrate Animals
to this Plant:


Elodea canadensis
(Common Waterweed) [Hydrocharitaceae]
(observations are from Ernst et al., Hamerstrom & Blake, and Lagler)

Ondatra zibethicus (Muskrat) [the stems & leaves have minor value as a food source] HB1939


Chelydridae: Chelydra serpentina (Snapping Turtle) [feeds on this plant] Lg1943; Emydidae: Chrysemys picta (Painted Turtle) [feeds on this plant] Lg1943, Pseudemys concinna (River Cooter) [feeds on this plant] EBL1994; Kinosternidae: Sternotherus odoratus (Stinkpot) [feeds on this plant] Lg1943