Relationships of
Vertebrate Animals
to this Plant:


Comptonia peregrina
(Sweetfern) [Myricaceae]
(observations are from Martin et al. and DeGraaf)

Columbidae: Zenaida macroura (Mourning Dove) [feeds on nutlets] DGr2002; Phasianidae: Bonasa umbellus (Ruffed Grouse) [feeds on buds & catkins] DGr2002; Picidae: Colaptes auratus (Northern Flicker) [feeds on nutlets] DGr2002


Cervidae: Odocoileus virginianus (White-tailed Deer) [foliage & twigs comprise 5-10% of the diet in Maine & Pennsylvania during fall & winter & spring, woody branches comprise 0.5-2% of the diet in New York & Wisconsin & Minnesota during winter] MZN1951