Relationships of
Vertebrate Animals
to this Plant:


Ceratophyllum spp.
(Coontail) [Ceratophyllaceae]
(observations are from Ernst et al., Pearse, and Forbes)


Emydidae: Chrysemys picta (Painted Turtle) [feeds on this plant] EBL1994, Pseudemys concinna (River Cooter) [feeds on this plant] EBL1994, Trachemys scripta (Slider) EBL1994

Catostomidae: Ictiobus bubalus (Smallmouth Buffalo) [feeds on these plants] Frb1888; Centrarchidae: Lepomis gibbosus (Pumpkinseed) [these plants comprise 48.5% of the diet] Prs1918, Lepomis macrochirus (Bluegill) [feeds on these plants] Frb1888, Pomoxis sp. (Crappie) [feeds on these plants] Frb1888, Pomoxis nigromaculatus (Black Crappie) [feeds on these plants] Prs1918; Ictaluridae: Ameiurus nebulosus (Brown Bullhead) [feeds on these plants] Frb1888