Relationships of
Vertebrate Animals
to this Plant:


Acer pensylvanicum
(Striped Maple) [Aceraceae]
(observations are from Martin et al. and Steele)

Parulidae: Dendroica caerulescens (Black-throated Blue Warbler) [this small tree was selected for 10.7% of nest sites in New Hampshire and it had below-average preference for this purpose] St1993


Cervidae: Odocoileus virginianus (White-tailed Deer) [foliage & twigs comprise 5-10% of the diet in Maine] MZN1951; Erethizontidae: Erethizon dorsatum (North American Porcupine) [the inner bark of this tree comprises 10-25% of the diet in Vermont during winter in combination with Acer saccharum] MZN1951