Flower-Visiting Insects
of Yellow Violet

Viola pubescens (Yellow Violet)
(Also referred to as Viola eriocarpa pubescens; bees suck nectar or collect pollen; Syrphid flies feed on pollen & are non-pollinating; other insects suck nectar; two observations are from Wilhelm & Rericha as indicated below, otherwise observations are from Robertson)

Bees (long-tongued)
Apidae (Bombini): Bombus pensylvanica sn np; Anthophoridae (Anthophorini): Anthophora ursina sn; Anthophoridae (Ceratinini): Ceratina dupla dupla sn; Anthophoridae (Eucerini): Synhalonia belfragii sn; Anthophoridae (Nomadini): Nomada sayi sn; Megachilidae (Osmiini): Osmia atriventris sn cp fq, Osmia pumila sn cp fq icp

Bees (short-tongued)
Halictidae (Halictinae): Augochlorella striata sn cp fq, Halictus confusus sn, Lasioglossum coriaceum sn, Lasioglossum cressonii (WR), Lasioglossum imitatum sn cp, Lasioglossum obscurum (WR), Lasioglossum pilosum pilosum sn cp, Lasioglossum versatum sn; Andrenidae (Andreninae): Andrena carlini sn cp

Syrphidae: Paragus tibialis fp np, Platycheirus obscurus fp np, Toxomerus marginatus fp np; Bombyliidae: Bombylius major sn fq; Tachinidae: Gonia capitata sn

Pieridae: Colias philodice sn

Hesperiidae: Erynnis juvenalis sn, Erynnis martialis sn