Flower-Visiting Insects
of Red Raspberry

Rubus idaeus (Red Raspberry)
(These observations may refer to either the Eurasian variety, Rubus idaeus idaeus, or the North American variety, Rubus idaeus strigosus, of Red Raspberry. Beetle activity is unspecified; information is restricted to beetles; observations are from Gosling and Lovell.)

Buprestidae: Acmaeodera tubulus (Lv2); Byturidae: Byturus unicolor (Lv2); Cerambycidae: Pidonia ruficollis (Gsl), Strangalepta pubera (Gsl, Lv2), Trigonarthris minnesotana (Gsl); Elateridae: Agriotes stabilis (Lv2), Melanotus leonardi (Lv2)