Flower-Visiting Insects
of Purple Meadow Rue

Thalictrum dasycarpum (Purple Meadow Rue)
(Honeybees collect pollen, long-horned beetles probably feed on pollen of staminate plants; this dioecious plant is wind-pollinated, although some insects are attracted to the pollen of the staminate flowers; observations are from Robertson and Gosling as indicated below)

Bees (long-tongued)
Apidae (Apinae): Apis mellifera cp (Rb)

Cerambycidae: Acmaeopsoides rufula fp (Gsl), Anastrangalia sanguinea fp (Gsl), Brachyleptura champlaini fp (Gsl), Brachyleptura rubrica fp (Gsl), Callimoxys sanguinicollis sanguinicollis fp (Gsl), Clytus ruricola fp (Gsl), Cosmosalia chrysocoma fp (Gsl), Cyrtophorus verrucosus fp (Gsl), Encyclops caerulea fp (Gsl), Evodinus monticola monticola fp (Gsl), Gaurotes cyanipennis fp (Gsl), Idiopidonia pedalis fp (Gsl), Judolia montivagans montivagans fp (Gsl), Leptura plebeja fp (Gsl), Molorchus bimaculatus bimaculatus fp (Gsl), Neoalosterna capitata fp (Gsl), Pidonia ruficollis fp (Gsl), Stenocorus vittiger fp (Gsl), Strangalepta abbreviata fp (Gsl), Strangalepta pubera fp (Gsl), Trachysida aspera brevifrons fp (Gsl), Trachysida mutabilis fp (Gsl), Trigonarthris minnesotana fp (Gsl), Trigonarthris proxima fp (Gsl), Xestoleptura tibialis fp (Gsl)