Flower-Visiting Insects
of Pasque Flower

Pulsatilla patens (Pasque Flower)
(A scientific synonym of this plant is Anemone patens. Bees collect pollen, while Syrphid flies feed on pollen & are non-pollinating; some insects may suck nectar from modified nectaries of the outer stamens; observations are from Moure & Hurd, Bock & Peterson, Krombein et al., and Discover Life as indicated below; some observations are from Colorado)

Bees (long-tongued)
Apidae (Apinae): Apis mellifera cp (BP); Apidae (Bombini): Bombus spp. cp (BP)

Bees (short-tongued)
Halictidae (Halictinae): Agapostemon texanus texanus (MH), Halictus rubicundus (MH); Andrenidae (Andreninae): Andrena spp. cp (BP), Andrena algida (DL), Andrena andrenoides andrenoides (Kr), Andrena cressonii (DL)

Syrphidae: Unidentified species fp np (BP)