Flower-Visiting Insects
of Nodding Mouse-Eared Chickweed

Cerastium nutans (Nodding Mouse-Eared Chickweed) introduced
(Most insects suck nectar; some short-tongued bees collect pollen and some flies feed on pollen, as noted below; observations are from Robertson)

Bees (long-tongued)
Apidae (Apinae): Apis mellifera sn fq

Bees (short-tongued)
Halictidae (Halictinae): Halictus confusus sn cp fq, Halictus rubicunda sn, Lasioglossum imitatus sn, Lasioglossum versatus sn cp

Syrphidae: Eristalis anthophorina sn, Helophilus fasciatus sn fq, Helophilus latifrons sn fq, Melanostoma mellinum sn, Sphaerophoria contiqua sn, Toxomerus marginatus fp; Bombyliidae: Bombylius major sn; Tachinidae: Tachinomyia panaetius sn; Calliphoridae: Lucilia illustris sn

Nymphalidae: Phyciodes tharos sn; Pieridae: Colias philodice sn