Flower-Visiting Insects
of Gumweed

Grindelia squarrosa (Gumweed) introduced
(Bee flies suck nectar, otherwise insect activity is unspecified. Observations are from Reed, Graenicher, Krombein et al., Discover Life, Williams, and Stevens as indicated below. Gumweed is native to the central & western plains, although it is sometimes adventive further to the east.)

Bees (long-tongued)
Anthophoridae (Ceratinini): Ceratina sp. (Re); Megachilidae (Megachilini): Megachile brevis (Stv), Megachile centuncularis (Stv), Megachile latimanus sn (Re, Stv), Megachile manifesta (Stv), Megachile parallela (Stv), Megachile petulans (Stv), Megachile relativa fq (Stv), Megachile wheeleri (Stv)

Bees (short-tongued)
Halictidae (Halictinae): Lasioglossum lineatulum (Re), Lasioglossum pilosum (Re); Halictidae (Nomiinae): Nomia nortoni nortoni (Kr), Nomia triangulifera (Kr); Andrenidae (Andreninae): Andrena accepta (Kr), Andrena canadensis (DL), Andrena hirticincta (DL); Andrenidae (Panurginae): Calliopsis coloradensis (Kr)

Bombyliidae: Sparnopolius confusus (Gr), Systoechus sp. (Re); Syrphidae: Eristalis stipator (Re)

Chauliognathus pennsylvanicus (Wms)