Flower-Visiting Insects
of Gronovius Hawkweed

Hieracium gronovii (Gronovius Hawkweed)
(insect activity is unspecified; information is limited to bees; observations are from Grundel et al.)

Bees (long-tongued)
Anthophoridae (Ceratinini): Ceratina dupla (Gnd), Ceratina mikmaqi (Gnd); Megachilidae (Megachilini): Megachile mendica (Gnd); Megachilidae (Osmiini): Heriades variolosus (Gnd)

Bees (short-tongued)
Halictidae (Halictinae): Agapostemon splendens (Gnd), Augochlora pura (Gnd), Augochloropsis metallica (Gnd), Halictus ligatus (Gnd), Lasioglossum bruneri (Gnd), Lasioglossum lustrans (Gnd), Lasioglossum macoupinense (Gnd), Lasioglossum pectorale (Gnd), Lasioglossum pilosum (Gnd)