Flower-Visiting Insects
of Blunt-Leaved Orchid

Platanthera obtusata (Blunt-Leaved Orchid)
(insects suck nectar; many species of mosquitos and some Geometer moths are considered effective pollinators of this orchid – the length of an insect's proboscis is particularly important in determining pollinator effectiveness; observations are from Thien, Thien & Utech, and Voss & Riefner)

Culicidae: Aedes sp. sn (TU), Aedes canadensis sn fq (Th, TU), Aedes communis sn fq (Th, TU), Aedes punctor sn (TU), Aedes sticticus sn (TU), Aedes vexans sn np (Th), Culex sp. sn np (Th), Mansonia perturbans sn np (Th)

Arctiidae: Haploa sp. sn np (TU), Hypoprepia sp. sn np (TU); Ctenuchidae: Ctenucha sp. sn np (TU); Geometridae: Campaea sp. sn np (TU), Caripeta sp. sn np (TU), Dysstroma sp. sn np (TU), Euchlaena sp. sn np (TU), Hydriomena renunciata sn (TU), Mesoleuca ruficillata sn (TU), Metanema sp. sn np (TU), Scopula sp. sn np (TU), Xanthorhoe abrasaria sn fq (TU), Xanthorhoe lacustrata sn fq (TU), Xanthotype sp. sn np (TU); Pyralidae: Anageshna primordialis sn (VR); Thyatiridae: Habrosyne sp. sn np (TU)