Links to Other Websites

Bioimages: The Virtual Field-Guide (UK) - Provides photographs of many species of plants that occur in the United Kingdom, including many weedy species that have been introduced to North America. No descriptions are provided.

Colorado Weed Management Association - Provides descriptions and photographs of noxious, ornamental, and other kinds of weeds. Not all of these weeds occur in Illinois.

Gallery of Illinois Plants - Provides photographs of many plant species that are described in the Illinois Plant Information Network.

Illinois Plant Information Network - This database provides information and distribution maps for all of the vascular plant species in Illinois.

Missouri Flora Database - Provides photographs and information about many plant species occurring in Missouri, including weedy species.

N.J. Weed Gallery - Provides brief descriptions and photographs of many weedy species in New Jersey.

Noble Foundation Plant Image Gallery - Provides photographs and brief descriptions of many grasses, forbs, and woody plants that occur in Texas and Oklahoma, including weedy species. Some of these plant species don't occur in Illinois.

Plants National Database - This website by the USDA provides variable amounts of information, photographs, and range maps for many plant species in the United States.

Robert W. Freckmann Herbarium - Provides photographs, distribution maps, and brief descriptions of many plant species in Wisconsin, including some weedy species in the vascular plant section. This website includes both vascular and non-vascular plants.

Southern Illinois University Press - Publishes Robert H. Mohlenbrock's books on vascular plants in Illinois, which often have line drawings, descriptions, and distribution maps of weedy species in various plant families.

Virginia Weed Collection - Photographs of several weeds that occur in Virginia. Descriptions are not provided.