Insects Feeding
on this Plant

Zea mays
(Corn) [Poaceae]
(observations are from Hart & Gleason, Marshall, Wagner, Rider, Hottes & Frison, Wyoming Agr. Exp. Sta., Vaurie, Stannard, Clark et al., Covell, Bouseman et al., Needham et al., Cranshaw, Blackman & Eastop, Brust et al., Pepper, Robinson & Bradley, Spencer & Steyskal, Majka et al.)

Coleoptera (Beetles)
Chrysomelidae: Chaetocnema denticulata Clk2004, Chaetocnema pulicaria Clk2004, Diabrotica barberi [larvae feed on roots] Clk2004, Myochrous denticollis [syn. Colaspis denticollis] Clk2004, Oulema melanopus Clk2004; Curculionidae: Sphenophorus aequalis aequalis (Clay-colored Billbug) [this insect is widely distributed] MAM2007, Sphenophorus callosus Vau1983, Sphenophorus coesifrons Vau1983, Sphenophorus maidis Vau1983, Sphenophrous parvulus Vau1983, Sphenophorus zeae (Timothy Billbug) [this insect is widely distributed in the USA & SE Canada] MAM2007, Trigonorhinus sticticus [this insect is associated with smut fungi on various grasses; it is widely distributed] MAM2007

Diptera (Flies)
Agromyzidae: Agromyza parvicornis (Corn Blotch Leafminer) [widespread] Ndm1928 SS1986, Cerodontha angulata [larvae mine leaves] Ndm1928, Cerodontha dorsalis (Grass Sheath Miner) [larvae are leaf-miners, pupating in sheaths; widespread] Ndm1928 SS1986, Cerodontha superciliosa [larvae mine leaves; widespread in the northern half of USA] Ndm1928 SS1986, Liriomyza pusilla [larvae mine leaves, polyphagous] Ndm1928, Metopomyza scutellata [larvae mine leaves, polyphagous] Ndm1928

Heteroptera (True Bugs)
Blissidae: Blissus leucopterus leucopterus (Common Chinch Bug) [feeds on plants growing on very sandy land] HG1907 Crw2004; Pentatomidae: Euschistus servus [polyphagous] Rid2009, Euschistus variolarius [polyphagous] Rid2009, Oebalus pugnax pugnax Rid2009, Thyanta custator accerra Rid2009

Homoptera (Sucking Insects)
Aphididae: Aphis middletoni HF1931, Colopha ulmicola [forms elongated cockscomb-like galls on elm leaves, migrating during the summer to the upper leaves & stems of Eragrostis spp. & possibly other grasses] HF1931 BE2013, Geoica squamosa HF1931, Geoica utricularia [found on roots; this Eurasian aphid has been introduced into North America, including Illinois] BE2013, Macrosiphum avenae HF1931, Metopolophium dirhodum (Rose-Grass Aphid) [found on roses as primary hosts, migrating during the summer to the leaves of various grasses, and some sedges & rushes] BE2013, Pemphigus brevicornis [found on roots of corn in Illinois] HF1931 BE2013, Rhopalosiphum maidis (Corn Leaf Aphid) [found on young leaves of grasses, this aphid was introduced from Asia] HF1931 Crw2004 BE2013 Pp1965 RB1965, Rhopalosiphum padi (Bird Cherry & Oat Aphid) Crw2004 RB1965, Schizaphis graminum (Greenbug) Crw2004, Sipha flava (Yellow Sugar Cane Aphid) [syn. Sipha flavus] HF1931 Pp1965, Stegophylla querci (Woolly Oak Aphid) [possible misidentification of aphid species] HF1931, Tetraneura ulmi (Elm & Grass Root Aphid) [forms stalked sack-shaped galls on upper surfaces of elm leaves, migrating during the summer to the roots of various grasses; this Eurasian aphid has been introduced to NE USA, north-central USA, & Canada] BE2013

Lepidoptera (Butterflies, Skippers, & Moths)
Arctiidae: Apantesis phalerata (Harnessed Moth) [polyphagous] Cv2005, Grammia phyllira (Phyllira Tiger Moth) [polyphagous] Cv2005, Pyrrharctia isabella (Isabella Tiger Moth) [polyphagous] Cv2005, Spilosoma virginica (Yellow Bear Moth) [polyphagous] Cv2005, Virbia aurantiaca (Orange Virbia) [syn. Holomelina aurantiaca, polyphagous] Cv2005; Geometridae: Pleuroprucha insulsaria (Common Tan Wave) [larvae feed on flowers, polyphagous] Cv2005 Wg2005; Hesperiidae: Lerodea eufala (Eufala Skipper) Bou2006; Limacodidae: Acharia stimulea (Saddleback Caterpillar) [syn. Sibine stimulea, polyphagous, found in southern IL] Cv2005; Noctuidae: Achatodes zeae (Elder Shoot Borer Moth) [polyphagous] Cv2005, Acronicta oblinita (Smeared Dagger Moth) [polyphagous] Cv2005,  Agrotis ipsilon (Ipsilon Dart) [polyphagous] Cv2005, Agrotis venerabilis
(Venerable Dart) [polyphagous] Cv2005, Apamea finitima (Bordered Apamea) [found north of IL] Cv2005, Euxoa detersa (Rubbed Dart) [polyphagous, prefers sandy habitats] Cv2005, Faronta diffusa (Wheathead Armyworm) Cv2005, Helicoverpa zea (Corn Earworm Moth) [syn. Heliothis zea] Cv2005 Msh2006, Oligia fractilinea (Broken-Lined Stalk Borer) Cv2005, Palthis asopialis (Faint-Spotted Palthis) [polyphagous] Cv2005, Papaipema cataphracta (Burdock Borer Moth) [polyphagous] Cv2005, Papaipema nebris (Stalk Borer Moth) [polyphagus] Cv2005, Rachiplusia ou (Gray Looper Moth) [polyphagous] Cv2005, Spodoptera exigua (Beet Armyworm) [polyphagous] Cv2005, Spodoptera frugiperda (Fall Armyworm) [polyphagous] Cv2005 Crw2004, Trichoplusia ni (Cabbage Looper Moth) [polyphagous] Cv2005; Pyralidae: Achryra rantalis (Garden Webworm) [polyphagous] Cv2005, Ostrinia nubilalis (European Corn Borer Moth) Cv2005; Saturniidae: Automeris io (Io Moth) [polyphagous] Cv2005

Orthoptera (Grasshoppers)
Acrididae: Melanoplus bivittatus (Two-striped Grasshopper) [this grasshopper is found in weedy areas, edges of fields, & weedy pastures] BHW2008, Melanoplus differentialis (Differential Grasshopper) [this grasshopper is found in weedy areas, roadsides, abandoned fields, edges of fields, & gardens] BHW2008 Wy1994, Melanoplus sanguinipes (Migratory Grasshopper) Wy1994

Thysanoptera (Thrips)
Thripidae: Anaphothrips obscura St1968