Insects Feeding
on these Plants

Sida spp.
(Sida) [Malvaceae]
(Observations are from Froeschner, Barnes, Bouseman et al., Blackman & Eastop, Opler & Krizek, Spencer & Steyskal)

Diptera (Flies)
Agromyzidae: Calycomyza malvae [larvae are leaf-miners; found in Wisconsin, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York] SS1986

Heteroptera (True Bugs)
Rhopalidae: Niesthrea sidae Fr1942

Homoptera (Sucking Insects)
Aphididae: Aphis coreopsidis [found on young shoots & leaves of Black Gum, migrating during the summer to various herbaceous plants] BE2013

Lepidoptera (Butterflies, Skippers, & Moths)
Hesperiidae: Pyrgus communis (Checkered Skipper) Bar1999 Bou2006 OK1984