Insects Feeding
on this Plant:


Schoenoplectus pungens
(Three-Square) [Cyperaceae]
(Scientific synonyms of this plant are Scirpus americanus and Schoenoplectus americanus. Observations are from Clark et al., Harms & Grodowitz.)

Coleoptera (Beetles)

Chrysomelidae: Plateumaris flavipes [feeds on leaves, found in E. USA & Canada] Clk2004 HG2009

Lepidoptera (Butterflies, Skippers, & Moths)
Crambidae: Chilo forbesellus [found in Michigan & Minnesota] HG2009, Occidentalia comptulatalis [found in NE USA, north-central USA, & Canada] HG2009, Schoenobius melinellus dispersellus [observed in northern Michigan] HG2009