Insects Feeding
on this Plant:


Schizachyrium scoparium
(Little Bluestem) [Poaceae]
(Some records from Androgogon spp. may apply here. A scientific synonym of this grass is Andropogon scoparius. Observations are from Stannard, Marshall, Wyoming Agr. Exp. Sta., Clark et al., Campbell et al., Barnes, Bouseman et al., Arment, Hamilton, Vickery & Kevan, Brust et al., Joern, Opler & Krizek, Natural History Museum, Panzer et al., ScaleNet)

Coleoptera (Beetles)
Chrysomelidae: Anisostena nigrita [leaf-miner] Clk2004

Homoptera (Sucking Insects)
Cercopidae: Prosapia ignipectus (Black Spittlebug) [nymphs feed on subterranean parts; found from Ontario to Pennsylvania in sandy areas] Msh2006 Hm1982 Pnz2006; Cicadellidae: Flexamia delongi Pnz2006, Paraphlepsius lobatus Pnz2006; Delphacidae: Delphacodes parvula 
Pnz2006; Diaspididae: Melanaspis marlatti (Marlatt Scale) [this insect has been found in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Kansas, & South Darkota] SN2014; Pseudococcidae: Antoninoides parrotti (Felted Grass Mealybug) [found at the base of host plant; this insect is found SW of Illinois, its range includes Kansas & Mississippi] SN2014

Lepidoptera (Butterflies, Skippers, & Moths)
Gelechiidae: Stereomita andropogonis [larvae feed on the inflorescences; the species name of this insect refers to Little Bluestem under its old scientific name] NHM2010; Hesperiidae: Atrytone arogos (Arogos Skipper) NHM2010, Atrytonopsis hianna (Dusted Skipper) Bou2006 OK1984 NHM2010, Hesperia dacotae (Dakota Skipper) [this insect is extirpated from Illinois, it is found NW of the state] NHM2010, Hesperia leonardus (Leonard's Skipper) NHM2010, Hesperia metea (Cobweb Skipper) [preferred host plant] Bou2006 OK1984 NHM2010, Hesperia ottoe (Ottoe Skipper) Bou2006 OK1984 NHM2010, Hesperia sassacus (Indian Skipper) Bou2006 OK1984 NHM2010, Nastra lherminier (Swarthy Skipper) Bou2006 OK1984 NHM2010, Polites origenes (Crossline Skipper) Bar1999 Bou2006 NHM2010

Orthoptera (Grasshoppers)
Acrididae: Ageneotettix deorum (White-Whiskered Grasshopper) Cmp1974, Arphia conspersa (Speckle-winged Grasshopper) Jor1985, Chorthippus curtipennis (Meadow Grasshopper) [this grasshopper is found in thick grass, meadows, & roadsides] Wy1994 VK1985, Chortophaga viridifasciata (Northern Green-Striped Grasshopper) [this grasshopper is usually found in moist grassy areas, especially along streams] BHW2008 Wy1994, Dissosteira carolina (Carolina Grasshopper) Jor1985, Eritettix simplex (Velvet-Striped Grasshopper) [a preferred host plant] Cmp1974, Hippiscus ocelote (Wrinkled Grasshopper) [a preferred host plant; this grasshopper is found in dry upland areas] Cmp1974 VK1985 BHW2008 Jor1985, Melanoplus angustipennis (Narrow-winged Sand Grasshopper) [minor host plant] Jor1985, Melanoplus confusus (Little Pasture Grasshopper) Jor1985, Melanoplus femurrubrum (Red-Legged Grasshopper) Cmp1974, Melanoplus foedus (Striped Sand Grasshopper) [minor host plant] Jor1985, Melanoplus gladstoni (Gladston's Grasshopper) [minor host plant] Jor1985, Mermiria bivittata (Two-Striped Mermiria Grasshopper) [this grasshopper is found in grassy areas; a preferred host plant] BHW2008 Wy1994 Jor1985, Orphulella speciosa (Pasture Grasshopper) [a preferred host plant] Cmp1974 Wy1994, Pardalophora haldemani (Haldeman's Grasshopper) Cmp1974, Phoetaliotes nebrascensis (Large-headed Grasshopper) [a preferred host plant; this grasshopper is found in various grassland habitats] Cmp1974 Wy1994 BHW2008 Jor1985, Pseudopomala brachyptera (Short-winged Toothpick Grasshopper) [this grasshopper is often found in tall grasses near streams or woodlands] BHW2008 VK1985, Spharagemon collare (Mottled Sand Grasshopper) [this grasshopper is found in open sandy areas] BHW2008 Wy1994 Jor1985, Syrbula admirabilis (Handsome Grasshopper) [a preferred host plant; this grasshopper is found in dry grassy areas] Cmp1974 BHW2008, Trachyrhachys kiowa (Kiowa Grasshopper) [minor host plant] Jor1985, Trimerotropis maritima (Seaside Grasshopper) Jor1985

Phasmatodea (Walkingsticks)
Diapheromeridae: Diapheromera velii (Prairie Walkingstick) Arm2006

Thysanoptera (Thrips)
Thripidae: Illinothrips rossi [in tussocks of host plant; this insect may be monophagous] St1968 Pnz2006