Insects Feeding
on this Plant:


Salsola tragus
(Russian Thistle) [Chenopodiaceae]
(A scientific synonym of this plant is Salsola kali. Observations are from Campbell et al., Clark et al., Wyoming Agr. Exp. Sta., Cranshaw, Brust et al.)

Coleoptera (Beetles)
Chrysomelidae: Erynephala puncticollis Clk2004

Heteroptera (True Bugs)
Lygaeidae: Nysius spp. (False Chinch Bugs) Crw2004

Orthoptera (Grasshoppers)

Acrididae: Dissosteira carolina (Carolina Grasshopper) [a preferred host plant; this grasshopper is found at roadsides, edges of parking lots, gravelly areas along railroads, & fields] Wy1994 BHW2008, Melanoplus foedus (Striped Sand Grasshopper) Cmp1974, Melanoplus lakinus (Lakin Grasshopper) [this grasshopper is found in dry weedy areas, roadsides, & along railroads; this grasshopper is found west of Illinois in the Great Plains] BHW2008, Melanoplus packardii (Packard's Grasshopper) Cmp1974