Insects Feeding
on this Plant:


Salix lucida
(Shining Willow) [Salicaceae]
(Observations are from Clark et al., Needham et al., Aldrich & Osten-Sacken, Harms & Grodowitz, ScaleNet)

Coleoptera (Beetles)

Chrysomelidae: Calligrapha multipunctata Clk2004, Chrysomela laurentia Clk2004, Crepidodera decora Clk2004, Crepidodera digna Clk2004, Crepidodera heikertingeri Clk2004, Crepidodera nana Clk2004, Plagiodera versicolora Clk2004, Tricholochmaea decora Clk2004; Curculionidae: Rhynchaenus populi (Poplar Flea Weevil) [adults feed on leaves, larvae mine leaves; this European weevil is adventive along the Atlantic coastal areas of NE USA & SE Canada, including Maine & Newfoundland; syn. Rynchaenus populi] HG2009, Rhynchaenus rufipes (Willow Flea Weevil) [larvae are leaf-miners, syn. Rynchaenus rufipes] Ndm1928

Diptera (Flies)
Cecidomyiidae: Rabdophaga rigidae (Willow Beaked Gall Midge) [larvae form lanceoloid galls at twig tips] AOS1905

Homoptera (Sucking Insects)
Diaspidiotus perniciosus (San Jose Scale) [usually found on bark, polyphagous, although preferring woody species in the Rosaceae; this insect is widely distributed; syn. Comstockaspis perniciosa, syn. Quadraspidiotus perniciosus] SN2014