Insects Feeding
on this Plant:


Quercus rubra
(Northern Red Oak) [Fagaceae]
(Observations are from Knight, Dmitriev & Dietrich, Dennis, Clark et al., Covell, Arment, Needham et al., Blackman & Eastop, Wheeler et al., Gibson, Gangwere, Vickery & Kevan, Opler & Krizek, Pepper, Spencer & Steyskal, Cranshaw, ScaleNet)

Coleoptera (Beetles)
Chrysomelidae: Metachroma laevicolle Clk2004, Odontota dorsalis (Locust Leafminer) Ndm1928, Xanthonia striata Clk2004; Curculionidae: Curculio longidens [feeds on acorns] Gib1985, Curculio nasicus [feeds on acorns] Gib1985

Diptera (Flies)
Agromyzidae: Japanagromyza viridula (Oak Shothole Leafminer) [larvae are blotch leaf-miners; widespread in NE & Midwest USA] Ndm1928 SS1986

Heteroptera (True Bugs)
Miridae: Blepharidopterus provancheri WHM1983, Hyaliodes harti WHM1983, Lygocoris omnivagus Kn1941 WHM1983, Phytocoris depictus Kn1941, Pseudoxenetus regalis Kn1941

Homoptera (Sucking Insects)
Aphididae: Diphyllaphis microtrema [found on leaf undersides, observed in Connecticut & North Carolina] BE2013, Hoplochaitophorus quercicola [found on leaves, observed in Illinois & other states] BE2013, Lachnochaitophorus obscurus Pp1965, Lachnochaitophorus querceus [found on petioles & young bark of 1-yr. old saplings; distributed in NE USA & Canada, including Wisconsin & Ontario] BE2013, Myzocallis bellus Pp1965, Myzocallis ephemerata [distributed in eastern North America] BE2013, Myzocallis exultans [found on leaves of trees in the Red Oak group; observed in Pennsylvania] BE2013 Pp1965, Myzocallis granovskyi Pp1965, Myocallis longiunguis Pp1965, Myzocallis melanocera Pp1965, Myzocallis neoborealis [distributed in E USA & Canada, including Pennsylvania] BE2013, Myzocallis punctatus [syn. Myzocallis punctata] Pp1965, Myzocallis walshii [found on trees in the Red Oak group; distributed in eastern North America, where this aphid is common] BE2013 Pp1965, Stegophylla quercicola Pp1965, Stegophylla quercifoliae Pp1965, Tuberculatus punctatella [syn. Tuberculatus punctatellus] Pp1965; Cicadellidae: Eratoneura abjecta [a preferred host plant] DD2010, Eratoneura acantha DD2010, Eratoneura lenta DD2010, Eratoneura manus DD2010, Eratoneura marilandicae DD2010, Eratoneura protuma DD2010, Eratoneura stannardi DD2010, Erythridula cornipes DD2010; Diaspididae:
Melanaspis obscura (Obscure Scale) [found on bark; this insect occurs in E USA & California] SN2014; Membracidae: Archasia belfragei [polyphagous] Den1952, Cyrtolobus discoidalis Den1952, Cyrtolobus fuliginosus Den1952, Cyrtolobus fuscipennis Den1952, Cyrtolobus griseus Den1952, Cyrtolobus inermis Den1952, Cyrtolobus maculifrontis Den1952, Cyrtolobus pallidifrontis Den1952, Cyrtolobus pulchellus Den1952, Cyrtolobus puritanus Den1952, Cyrtolobus vau Den1952, Enchenopa binotata [polyphagous] Den1952, Entylia bactriana [polyphagous] Den1952, Glossonotus acuminata Den1952, Hadrophallus constans [polyphagous] Den1952, Ophiderma definita Den1952, Ophiderma evelyna Den1952, Ophiderma flava Den1952, Ophiderma grisea Den1952, Ophiderma salamandra Den1952, Smilia camelus Den1952, Stictocephala albescens [polyphagous] Den1952, Stictocephala tauriniformis Den1952, Telamona decorata Den1952, Telamona spreta Den1952, Telamona tiliae [polyphagous] Den1952; Pseudococcidae: Eurycoccus blanchardii (Blanchard Mealybug) [this insect is widely distributed in eastern USA] SN2014

Hymenoptera (Bees, Wasps, & Sawflies)
Cynipidae: Amphibolips confluenta (Spony Oak Gall Wasp) [larvae form large galls on leaves & petioles] Crw2004, Dryocosmus quercuspalustris (Succulent Oak Gall Wasp) [syn. Andricus palustris] Crw2004

Lepidoptera (Butterflies, Skippers, & Moths)
Coleophoridae: Coleophora atromarginata Cv2005;
Cosmopterigidae: Chrysopeleia purpuriella Ndm1928; Gracillariidae: Cameraria obstrictella [leaf-miner] Ndm1928, Cameraria quercivorella [leaf-miner] Ndm1928; Lycaenidae: Satyrium caryaevorum (Hickory Hairstreak) OK1984; Nepticulidae: Nepticula latifasciella [leaf-miner, syn. Stigmella latifasciella] Ndm1928, Nepticula quercipulchella [leaf-miner, syn. Stigmella quercipulchella, syn. Nepticula quercipulchrella] Ndm1928; Noctuidae: Acronicta modica (Medium Dagger Moth) Cv2005, Catocala ilia (Ilia Underwing) Cv2005, Ulolonche culea (Sheathed Quaker) Cv2005; Saturniidae: Anisota virginiensis (Pink-Striped Oakworm) [preferred host plant] Cv2005; Tortricidae: Acleris subnivana Cv2005

Phasmatodea (Walkingsticks)
Diapheromeridae: Diapheromera femorata (Northern Walkingstick) [a preferred host plant, feeds on leaves, field observations] Arm2006 Ggw1961 VK1985