Insects Feeding
on this Plant:


Populus tremuloides
(Quaking Aspen) [Salicaceae]
(Observations are from Knight, Hottes & Frison, Clark et al., Dennis, Microleps website, Dmitriev & Dietrich, Marshall, Covell, Needham et al., Blackman & Eastop, Wheeler et al., Harms & Grodowitz, Opler & Krizek, Miller, Pepper, Robinson & Bradley, O'Brien & Anderson, Spencer & Steyskal, Majka et al., Cranshaw, ScaleNet)

Coleoptera (Beetles)
Chrysomelidae: Altica bimarginata Clk2004, Chrysomela crotchi (Aspen Leaf Beetle) [preferred host plant] Clk2004, Chrysomela knabi Clk2004, Chrysomela laurentia [Salix spp. are preferred host plants] Clk2004, Chrysomela lineatopunctata Clk2004, Chrysomela scripta Clk2004, Crepidodera decora Clk2004, Crepidodera digna Clk2004, Crepidodera heikertingeri Clk2004, Crepidodera populivora Clk2004, Crepidodera solita Clk2004, Gonioctena americana Clk2004, Phratora purpurea Clk2004, Tricholochmaea decora Clk2004, Zeugophora puberula Clk2004, Zeugophora scutellaris Clk2004; Curculionidae: Allandrus populi [this insect is found in NE & north-central USA, & Canada] MAM2007, Dorytomus frostii OA1996, Dorytomus laticollis [this insect is found in N USA & S Canada] OA1996 MAM2007, Dorytomus parvicollis [this insect is found in N USA & S Canada] OA1996 MAM2007, Dorytomus vagenotatus OA1996, Rutidosoma decipiens [this insect is found in N USA & Canada] MAM2007, Stenoscelis brevis [polyphagous, larvae are found under bark; this insect is widely distributed] MAM2007, Tachyerges salicis (Willow Weevil) [larvae are blotch leaf-miners; found in N. USA, Canada, & N. Eurasia] HG2009; Scolytidae: Trypodendron retusum [this insect is widely distributed] MAM2007, Xyleborus obesus [this insect is found in NE & north-central USA, & SE Canada] MAM2007

Diptera (Flies)
Agromyzidae: Hexomyza schineri [larvae form twig galls; found in Massachusetts & Canada] SS1986

Heteroptera (True Bugs)
Miridae: Deraeocoris davisi WHM1983, Orthotylus candidatus Kn1941 

Homoptera (Sucking Insects)
Aphididae: Aphis maculatae (Spotted Poplar Aphid) HF1931 RB1965, Chaitophorus neglectus [found on leaves] BE2013, Chaitophorus nudus [girdles trunks of saplings; this aphid has been found in Pennsylvania, Ontario, & Manitoba] BE2013, Chaitophorus populicola patchae (Poplar Leaf Aphid) HF1931 Pp1965 RB1965, Chaitophorus populifolii [found on leaves] BE2013, Chaitophorus stevensis HF1931, Fullawaya ontarioensis [found on roots, observed in Ontario] BE2013, Pachypappa pseudobyrsa [causes blister-like swellings on leaf midribs; this aphid is found in NE USA, north-central USA, & Canada] BE2013, Pachypappa rosettei RB1965, Pemphigus populicaulis [forms yellowish green to cream-colored galls on petioles; found in widely scattered areas across central & western North America, including Illinois] BE2013, Pemphigus populitransversus [forms galls on petioles, bending them; found in Illinois & Ontario] BE2013, Phloeomyzus passerinii [found on bark & crevices of trunks on young trees, mainly Eurasian poplars; this Eurasian aphid has been found in Maine] BE2013, Pseudopterocomma canadensis [found in Ontario, Manitoba, & Saskatchewan] BE2013, Pseudopterocomma hughi [found in Maine, New Brunswick, Quebec, & Manitoba] BE2013 RB1965, Pterocomma bicolor [found on bark of twigs & branches, also found on trunks of young saplings; this aphid is distributed in NE USA, north-central USA, & Canada, including Illinois] BE2013, Pterocomma populifoliae (Rusty Brown Poplar Aphid) [found on roots of mature trees, or stem bases of saplings; this aphid is distributed in NE USA & Canada, including Massachusetts & Michigan] BE2013 Pterocomma smithiae RB1965; Cicadellidae: Kybos copula DD2010; Diaspididae: 
Chionaspis salicis (Willow Scurfy Scale) [found mainly on twigs & branches; this insect is polyphagous, although it prefers Salix spp. & Populus spp.; this insect is widely distributed in the USA] SN2014; Membracidae: Palonica tremulata Den1952

Lepidoptera (Butterflies, Skippers, & Moths)
Batrachedridae: Batrachedra praeangusta [larvae feed on female catkins & leaf buds] Mic2010; Geometridae: Euchlaena irraria (Least-Marked Euchlaena) Cv2005, Euchlaena tigrinaria (Mottled Euchlaena) Cv2005, Lobophora nivigerata (Powdered Bigwig) [preferred host plant] Cv2005, Protitame virginalis (Virgin Moth) Cv2005; Gracillariidae: Phyllonorycter apparella (Aspen Blotch Leafminer Moth) Ndm1928 [larvae mine leaves of cotton & aspen trees; syn. Phyllonorycter tremuloidiella] Ndm1928 Crw2004; Noctuidae: Anathix puta (Puta Sallow) [found in northern IL] Cv2005, Catocala relicta (White Underwing) Cv2005, Diachrysia balluca (Green-Patched Looper) Msh2006; Nymphalidae: Limenitis archippus (Viceroy) OK1984, Limenitis arthemis astyanax (Red-spotted Purple) OK1984, Nymphalis antiopa (Mourning Cloak) OK1984; Tortricidae: Epinotia nisella (Poplar Branchlet Borer Moth) [larvae feed in female catkins & terminal growth; this moth is found in NE USA & SE Canada] Mlr1987, Pseudexentera oregonana [larvae feed within rolled leaves; this moth is found mostly east of Illinois] Mlr1987