Insects Feeding
on this Plant:


Picea canadensis
(White Spruce) [Pinaceae]
(A scientific synonym of this tree is Picea glauca. This tree is found in Wisconsin, although not in Illinois, except as a cultivated plant. Observations are from Hottes & Frison, Covell, Blackman & Eastop, Wheeler et al., Hamilton, Miller, Robinson & Bradley, Majka et al., ScaleNet)

Coleoptera (Beetles)
Curculionidae: Pissodes strobi (White Pine Weevil) [this insect is found in S Canada & scattered areas of the USA] MAM2007; Scolytidae: Ips borealis [this insect is found in Canada, Maine, & Minnesota] MAM2007, Phloeosinus pini [this insect is found in Canada & Michigan] MAM2007

Heteroptera (True Bugs)
Miridae: Orthotylus pennsylvanicus WHM1983, Phytocoris buenoi WHM1983, Pilophorus piceicola WHM1983, Plagiognathus suffuscipennis WHM1983, Plagiognathus tumidifrons WHM1983, Psallovius piceicola WHM1983

Homoptera (Sucking Insects)

Adelgidae: Adelges abietis [forms cone-like galls] BE2013, Pineus similis (Ragged Spruce Gall Adelgid) [forms loose galls on spruce at tips of young shoots, causing needles to turn pale brown; found in NE USA, including Massachusetts & New Jersey] BE2013; Aphididae: Cinara acadiana [found in New Brunswick, but this aphid has not been observed since it was described in 1956] BE2013, Cinara atripes [found in Maine, but this aphid has not been observed since it was described in 1958] BE2013, Cinara braggii RB1965, Cinara coloradensis RB1965, Cinara fornacula (Green Spruce Aphid) RB1965, Cinara hottesi RB1965, Cinara nigripes [occurs on trunks of young trees; found in Canada, extending eastward as far as Ontario] BE2013, Cinara obscura [found on bark of small branches; distributed in Ontario & other areas of Canada] BE2013 RB1965, Cinara pinicola HF1931, Cinara pruinosa (Wax-bordered Spruce Aphid) RB1965, Cinara saskensis [found on the bark of main roots; observed in Manitoba & Saskatchewan] BE2013 RB1965, Cinara soplada [known only from Maine] BE2013, Mindarus abietinus (Balsam Twig Aphid) RB1965; Cercopidae:
Aphrophora gelida (Boreal Spittlebug) [host plant of adults only; this spittlebug is found in Canada, Appalachian Mountains, & North Carolina] Hm1982, Aphrophora parallela (Spruce Spittlebug) [preferred host plant of adults; found in Canada to Appalachian Mountains & South Carolina] Hm1982; Diaspididae: Chionaspis pinifoliae (Pine Needle Scale) [found on needles; this insect is widely distributed throughout the USA] SN2014

Lepidoptera (Butterflies, Skippers, & Moths)
Geometridae: Pero morrisonaria (Morrison's Pero) [found in northern IL] Cv2005; Sphingidae: Sphinx gordius (Gordian Sphinx) [polyphagous] Cv2005; Tortricidae: Epinotia radicana (Red-striped Needleworm) [larvae feed on foliage; this moth is found in NE USA & SE Canada] Mlr1987, Zeiraphera canadensis (Spruce Budworm) [larvae feed on buds & needles] Mlr1987