Insects Feeding
on this Plant:


Phragmites australis
(Common Reed) [Poaceae]
(Observations are from Hottes & Frison, Clark et al., Bouseman et al., Stireman et al., Cranshaw, Blackman & Eastop, Harms & Grodowitz, Opler & Krizek, Pepper, Robinson & Bradley, Natural History Museum, ScaleNet)

Coleoptera (Beetles)
Chrysomelidae: Donaciella pubicollis [feeds on roots and/or leaves, found in Michigan & Ontario] Clk2004 HG2009

Diptera (Flies)
Cecidomyiidae: Calamomyia phragmites Str2010

Homoptera (Sucking Insects)

Aphididae: Hyalopterus pruni (Mealy Plum Aphid) [found on leaf undersides of Prunus spp., especially plum trees, migrating during the summer to Phragmites australis, the preferred host plant; less often, this aphid also occurs on Arundo donax] HF1931 Crw2004 BE2013 Pp1965 RB1965;
Pseudococcidae: Chaetococcus phragmitis (Legless Reed Mealybug) [found underneath leaf sheaths; this insect is found in NE USA & Canada] SN2014, Miscanthicoccus miscanthi (Miscanthus Mealybug) [found underneath leaf sheaths; this insect occurs in scattered areas, including Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, South Carolina, Texas, & California] SN2014

Lepidoptera (Butterflies, Skippers, & Moths)
Hesperiidae: Poanes viator (Broad-winged Skipper) [scattered populations of the typical variety of this skipper feed on this grass] Bou2006 OK1984 NHM2010; Noctuidae: Gabara subnivosella (Wet Sand Savanna Moth) NHM2010