Insects Feeding
on these Plants:


Oenothera spp.
(Evening Primrose) [Onagraceae]
(Observations are from Marshall, Wagner, Clark et al., Hottes & Frison, Microleps website, Covell, Cranshaw, Needham et al., Smith, Blackman & Eastop, Harms & Grodowitz, Joern, Robinson & Bradley, Majka et al., Natural History Museum, ScaleNet)

Coleoptera (Beetles)
Chrysomelidae: Altica polita Clk2004, Lysathia ludoviciana (Water Primrose Flea Beetle) [feeds on leaves, found in wetland habitats of SE USA] HG2009; Curculionidae: Acanthoscelidius acephalus [this insect is widely distributed] MAM2007

Homoptera (Sucking Insects)
Aphididae: Anoecia oenotherae [found on Ribes spp. as primary hosts, migrating during the summer to evening primrose & willow-herb] HF1931 BE2013, Anoecia setariae HF1931, Aphis oestlundi HF1931 RB1965, Aphis sambuci (Elder Aphid) [found on young shoots of elderberry, migrating during the summer to various herbaceous plants] BE2013, Macrosiphum gaurae [syn. Macrosiphum gauri] BE2013, Macrosiphum pseudorosae [syn. Macrosiphum pallidum] RB1965; Pseudococcidae:
Pseudococcus dolichomelos (False Trochanter Mealybug) [polyphagous; this insect has been found in NE USA & elsewhere] SN2014, Pseudococcus sorghiellus (Trochanter Mealybug) [polyphagous; this insect is widely distributed in eastern USA] SN2014

Hymenoptera (Bees, Wasps, & Sawflies)
Tenthredinidae: Erythraspides carbonarius [larvae feed on foliage, syn. Erythraspides carbonaria] Sm2006

Lepidoptera (Butterflies, Skippers, & Moths)

Arctiidae: Grammia arge (Arge Tiger Moth) NHM2010; Gelechiidae: Dichomeris agonia [larvae are leaf-folders] NHM2010; Geometridae: Spargania magnoliata (Double-Banded Carpet) [found in northern IL] Cv2005 NHM2010; Momphidae: Mompha argentimaculella [larvae are leaf-miners] Ndm1928 Mic2010 NHM2010, Mompha brevivittella [larvae bore into seed capsules] Mic2010 NHM2010, Mompha circumscriptella [larvae bore into seed capsules, found in southern IL] Cv2005 Mic2010 NHM2010, Mompha eloisella [larvae bore into stems] Cv2005 Mic2010 NHM2010, Mompha murtfeldtella [larvae bore into seed capsules] Mic2010 NHM2010, Mompha stellela [larvae bore into flower buds] NHM2010; Noctuidae: Eudryas unio (Pearly Wood Nymph) Cv2005 Wg2005 NHM2010, Schinia florida (Primrose Moth) [larvae feed on buds, flowers, & developing seeds] Cv2005 Wg2005 NHM2010; Pyralidae: Desmia funeralis (Grape Leaf-folder Moth) [larvae feed on leaves] NHM2010; Sphingidae: Hyles lineata (White-Lined Sphinx) [polyphagous] Crw2004 Msh2006, Proserpinus gaurae (Proud Sphinx) [this moth is found mostly south of Illinois] NHM2010, Proserpinus juanita (Juanita Sphinx) [this moth is found west of Illinois in the Great Plains area] NHM2010; Tortricidae: Phtheochroa oenotherana [larvae feed on terminal leaves; syn. Aethes oenotherana, syn. Conchylis oenotherana, syn. Cochylis oenotherana] Cv2005 NHM2010, Sparganothis sulfureana (Sparganothis Fruitworm Moth) [polyphagous] NHM2010

Orthoptera (Grasshoppers)
Acrididae: Dissosteira carolina (Carolina Grasshopper) Jor1985