Insects Feeding
on this Plant

Juglans cinerea
(Butternut) [Juglandaceae]
(Observations are from Funkhouser, Knight, Wagner, Clark et al., Dennis, Covell, Needham et al., Hamilton, Opler & Krizek, Cranshaw, ScaleNet)

Coleoptera (Beetles)
Chrysomelidae: Paria quadrinotata Clk2004; Scolytidae: Scolytus quadrispinosus (Hickory Bark Beetle) [this insect is more common on Carya spp.] Crw2004

Heteroptera (True Bugs)
Miridae: Plagiognathus albatus Kn1941; Tingidae: Corythucha juglandis (Walnut Lace Bug) [this insect is found mostly on Juglans nigra] Crw2004

Homoptera (Sucking Insects)
Clastoptera obtusa (Alder Spittlebug) [fed on by adults only] Hm1982; Diaspididae: Chionaspis furfura (Scurfy Bark Scale) [found on branches & trunks, less often on young shoots, fruit, & leaves; plant species in the Rosaceae are preferred hosts; this insect is widely distributed in the USA & S Canada] SN2014, Chionaspis lintneri (Lintner Scurfy Scale) [this insect is found in E USA & SE Canada] SN2014, Lepidosaphes ulmi (Oystershell Scale) [found on bark, polyphagous; this insect is widely distributed in the USA, S Canada, & Eurasia] SN2014; Membracidae: Carynota mera Fnk1917, Enchenopa binotata [polyphagous] Den1952 Fnk1917, Telamona unicolor Den1952

Lepidoptera (Butterflies, Skippers, & Moths)
Gracillariidae: Cameraria caryaefoliella [larvae are leaf-miners] Ndm1928; Lycaenidae: Satyrium calanus (Banded Hairstreak) OK1984, Satyrium caryaevorum (Hickory Hairstreak) OK1984; Nepticulidae: Nepticula juglandifoliella (Pecan Serpentine Leafminer) [syn. Stigmella juglandifoliella] Ndm1928; Noctuidae: Catocala neogama (The Bride) Cv2005 Wg2005, Catocala piatrix (The Penitent) Cv2005; Notodontidae: Datana angusii (Angus' Datana) Wg2005, Datana integerrima (Walnut Caterpillar) Wg2005; Sphingidae: Laothoe juglandis (Walnut Sphinx) Cv2005 Wg2005