Insects Feeding
on this Plant

Humulus lupulus
(Hops) [Cannabinaceae]
(Observations are from Vance, Milne & Milne, Stannard, Barnes, Hottes & Frison, Wagner, Thomas, Blackman & Eastop, Robinson & Bradley)

Homoptera (Sucking Insects)
Aphididae: Phorodon humuli (Damson-Hop Aphid) [causes slight leaf curl on plum & cherry trees, migrating during the summer to the leaf undersides, flowers, & fruits of hops; this aphid has been found in eastern North America, including Quebec, but it occurs mostly in Eurasia & western North America] HF1931 Th1877 BE2013 RB1965

Lepidoptera (Butterflies, Skippers, & Moths)
Lycaenidae: Strymon melinus (Gray Hairstreak) [larvae eat fruit & seeds, polyphagous] MM1980; Nymphalidae: Nymphalis antiopa (Mourning Cloak) Bar1999, Polygonia comma (Comma) Bar1999 Wg2005, Polygonia interrogationis (Question Mark) Bar1999, Vanessa atalanta (Red Admiral) Bar1999

Thysanoptera (Thrips)
Thripidae: Neohydatothrips beachae [observed in IL, found on leaves, oligophagous] St1968 Van1974