Insects Feeding
on these Plants:


Helenium spp.
(Sneezeweed) [Asteraceae]
(Observations are from Covell, Blackman & Eastop, Opler & Krizek, Natural History Museum, Panzer et al.)

Homoptera (Sucking Insects)
Aphididae: Aphis vernoniae [found on tips of stems & leaf undersides, Ironweed is the preferred host] BE2013

Lepidoptera (Butterflies, Skippers, & Moths)

Noctuidae:  Papaipema impecuniosa (Aster Borer Moth) [larvae bore into stems & roots] NHM2010 Pnz2006, Papaipema rigida (Rigid Sunflower Borer Moth) [found in northern IL] Cv2005; Pieridae: Nathalis iole (Dainty Sulphur) OK1984