Insects Feeding
on these Plants:


Geum spp.
(Avens) [Rosaceae]
(observations are from the Microleps website, Blackman & Eastop, Pepper)

Homoptera (Sucking Insects)
Aphididae: Acyrthosiphon pseudodirhodum [this aphid is native to NE USA & Canada] BE2013, Amphorophora rossi BE2013 Pp1965, Macrosiphum gei [Avens are preferred host plants; this aphid is found on the flowering stems of many herbaceous plants] BE2013, Macrosiphum pallidum [found on wild roses as primary hosts, migrating during the summer to various herbaceous plants in the Rosaceae; this aphid is widely distributed in North America; syn. Macrosiphum pseudorosae] BE2013 Pp1965, Sitobion fragariae (Blackberry-Grain Aphid) [Rubus spp. are preferred primary hosts, although this aphid is found on other plants in the Rosaceae; migrates during the summer to various grasses; this Eurasia aphid is found primarily in California within the USA, although it has been observed in Illinois] BE2013

Lepidoptera (Butterflies, Skippers, & Moths)

Douglasiidae: Tinagma obscurofasciella [larvae are leaf-miners, found in N. Illinois] Mic2010