Insects Feeding
on these Plants

Fragaria spp.
(Wild Strawberry) [Rosaceae]
(Observations are from Thomas, Clark et al., Marshall, Stannard, Microleps website, Hottes & Frison, Rider, Wagner, Milne & Milne, Covell, Cranshaw, Smith, Felt, Blackman & Eastop, Watson, Miller, Pepper, Robinson & Bradley, ScaleNet)

Coleoptera (Beetles)
Chrysomelidae: Altica ignita (Strawberry Flea Beetle) [adults & larvae feed on foliage] Crw2004 Clk2004, Altica rosae Clk2004, Colaspis brunnea (Grape Colaspis) [adults feed on foliage] Crw2004, Graphops marcassita [larvae feed on roots] Clk2004, Paria fragariae (Strawberry Rootworm) [larvae feed on roots, adults feed on leaves] Crw2004, Psylliodes punctulata (Hop Flea Beetle) [adults feed on foliage, larvae feed on roots] Crw2004; Curculionidae: Anthonomus signatus (Strawberry Bud Weevil) [larvae feed on buds, adults feed on pollen] Crw2004 Msh2006, Otiorhynchus ovatus (Strawberry Root Weevil) [larvae feed on roots, introduced into N. America from abroad] Crw2004 Msh2006, Otiorhynchus rugostriatus (Rough Strawberry Root Weevil) [adults feed on foliage, larvae feed on roots] Crw2004 Msh2006; Nitulidae: Stelidota geminata (Strawberry Sap Beetle) [adults feed on fruits] Crw2004

Diptera (Flies)
Cecidomyiidae: Cecidomyia reniformis (Strawberry Reniform Gall Midge) [larvae form reniform galls on petioles] Flt1917

Heteroptera (True Bugs)
Miridae: Lygus lineolaris (Tarnished Plant Bug) [eats leaves, fruits, & flowers, polyphagous] Crw2004 MM1980 Wat1928; Pentatomidae: Euschistus variolarius [polyphagous] Rid2009

Homoptera (Sucking Insects)
Aphididae: Aphis forbesi (Strawberry Root Aphid) [found on petiole bases, young shoots, & roots] HF1931 BE2013, Chaetosiphon fragaefolii (Strawberry Aphid) [found on leaves, especially while young] Crw2004 HF1931 BE2013, 
Chaetosiphon minor [found on stems & leaf undersides] HF1931 BE2013, Macrosiphum euphorbiae (Potato Aphid) [polyphagous] RB1965, Macrosiphum pseudorosae [found on wild roses, migrating to various herbaceous plants in the Rosaceae; this aphid is widely distributed in North America; syn. Macrosiphum pallidum] BE2013, Macrosiphum rosae [possibly introduced into N. America from Europe] Th1877, Myzaphis rosarum [on rare occasions, this aphid is found along the midribs of strawberry leaflets; distributed in SE Canada, this aphid was introduced from Europe] BE2013, Rhodobium porosum (Yellow Rose Aphid) [especially common on cultivated roses; this aphid has been found in Illinois, Tennessee, & North Carolina] BE2013 Pp1965, Sitobion fragariae (Blackberry-Grain Aphid) [prefers Rubus spp. as primary hosts, but this aphid is also found on other species in the Rosaceae; migrates to various grasses during the summer; this Eurasian aphid has been observed in Illinois, but it occurs primarily in California within North America] BE2013; Cercopidae: Philaenus spumarius (Meadow Spittlebug) Crw2004; Pseudococcidae: Pseudococcus sorghiellus (Trochanter Mealybug) [polyphagous; this insect is widely distributed in eastern USA] SN2014

Hymenoptera (Bees, Wasps, & Sawflies)
Cynipidae: Diastrophus fragariae (Strawberry Cylindrical Gall Wasp) [larvae form cylindrical galls on petioles] Flt1917; Tenthredinidae: Allantus cinctus (Curled Rose Sawfly) [larvae feed on foliage] Sm2006, Allantus mellipes [larvae feed on foliage] Sm2006, Empria maculata [larvae feed on foliage] Sm2006, Taxonus pallicoxus [larvae feed on foliage] Sm2006, Taxonus pallipes [larvae feed on foliage] Sm2006

Lepidoptera (Butterflies, Skippers, & Moths)
Douglasiidae: Tinagma obscurofasciella [larvae are leaf-miners, found in N. Illinois] Mic2010; Geometridae: Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria (Blackberry Looper) [larvae feed on leaves, flowers, or fruits] Wg2005, Lobocleta ossularia (Drab Brown Wave) Cv2005, Xanthotype sospeta (Crocus Geometer) [polyphagous] Cv2005; Noctuidae: Acronicta oblinita 
(Smeared Dagger Moth) [polyphagous] Cv2005, Heliothis turbatus (Spotted Straw) [polyphagous, larvae feed on flowers] Cv2005, Hypena scabra (Green Cloverworm) [syn. Pathypena scabra] Cv2005, Lacinipolia lorea (Bridled Arches) [polyphagous] Cv2005, Pyrrhia exprimens (Purple-Lined Sallow) [larvae prefer flowers, buds, & fruit; polphagous] Wg2005; Pyralidae: Achryra rantalis (Garden Webworm) [polyphagous] Cv2005; Sesiidae: Synanthedon bibionipennis (Strawberry Crown Borer) Crw2004; Tortricidae: Ancylis comptana fragariae (Strawberry Leafroller Moth) [larvae feed within folded leaves] Mlr1987 Crw2004, Ancylis muricana (Red-headed Ancylis) Mlr1987, Archips purpurana (Omnivorous Leafroller Moth) [polyphagous] Cv2005, Celypha cespitana (Celypha Moth) [larvae feed within tied leaves, polyphagous] Mlr1987, Cnephasia longana (Omnivorous Leaftier Moth) [larvae feed on foliage] Crw2004, Grapholita angleseana (Wild Strawberry Seed Borer) [larvae feed on seeds] Mlr1987, Olethreutes olivaceana (Olivaceous Olethreutes) Mlr1987, Platynota flavedana (Variegated Leafroller Moth) [polyphagous] Crw2004 Cv2005, Ptycholoma peritana (Garden Tortrix) Cv2005, Sparganothis sulfureana (Sparganothis Leafroller Moth) Crw2004

Thysanoptera (Thrips)
Thripidae: Frankliniella tritici (Eastern Flower Thrips) [found on flowers, polyphagous] St1968, Odontothrips pictipennis St1968