Insects Feeding
on these Plants:


Eleocharis spp.
(Spike Rush) [Cyperaceae]
(Observations are from DeLong, Clark et al., Covell, Blackman & Eastop, Harms & Grodowitz, Panzer et al.)

Coleoptera (Beetles)
Chrysomelidae: Donacia fulgens [feeds on roots & leaves] HG2009, Donacia rugosa [feeds on roots & leaves] HG2009, Plateumaris aurifera Clk2004, Plateumaris dubia Clk2004, Plateumaris fulvipes Clk2004, Plateumaris germari Clk2004, Plateumaris nitida Clk2004, Plateumaris robusta Clk2004; Curculionidae: Brachybamus electus [this insect has been found in Kansas & Atlantic coastal areas] HG2009

Homoptera (Sucking Insects)
Aphididae: Rhopalosiphum cerasifoliae [found on leaves & young shoots of cherry trees, migrating during the summer to various bulrushes & spike-rushes; this aphid is widely distributed in North America, including Illinois] BE2013; Cicadellidae: Deltocephalus gnarus Dlg1948 Pnz2006, Limotettix bisoni Pnz2006, Limotettix elegans Pnz2006, Limotettix nigrax Pnz2006, Limotettix truncatus Pnz2006, Dorydiella kansana [this leafhopper is often found in alkaline wetlands] Pnz2006, Macrosteles potoria [found in wet areas] Dlg1948

Lepidoptera (Butterflies, Skippers, & Moths)
Arctiidae: Cisseps fulvicollis (Yellow-Collared Scape Moth) Cv2005