Insects Feeding
on these Plants:


Clematis spp.
(Clematis) [Ranunculaceae]
(Observations are from Marshall, Wagner, Covell, Needham et al., Felt, Blackman & Eastop, Spencer & Steyskal)

Diptera (Flies)
Agromyzidae: Phytomyza clematisella [larvae bore through stems; found in Arkansas & Connecticut] SS1986, Phytomyza loewii [larvae are leaf-miners; found in Indiana & Washington DC] Ndm1928 SS1986; Cecidomyiidae: Contarinia clematidis (Clematis Bud Gall Midge) [larvae form bud galls] Flt1917, Dasineura clematidis [larvae form bud galls] Flt1917, Neolasioptera clematidis [larvae form bud galls] Flt1917, Prodiplosis floricola (Clematis Flower Midge) [larvae form enlarged reddened flower buds] Flt1917

Homoptera (Sucking Insects)
Aphididae: Myzus varians (Peach Leaf-Roll Aphid) [curls leaves of peach trees longitudinally, migrating during the summer to Clematis spp.; this aphid was introduced into eastern North America from E Asia] BE2013

Lepidoptera (Butterflies, Skippers, & Moths)

Geometridae: Horisme intestinata (Brown Bark Carpet) Wg2005; Thyrididae: Pseudothyris sepulchralis (Mournful Thyris) [larvae are leaf-rollers, syn. Thyris sepulchralis] Cv2005 Msh2006, Thyris maculata (Spotted Thyris) [larvae are leaf-rollers] Cv2005 Msh2006