Insects Feeding
on this Plant:


Carya tomentosa
(Mockernut Hickory) [Juglandaceae]
(Observations are from Wagner, Dmitriev & Dietrich, MacRae, Blackman & Eastop, Hamilton, ScaleNet)

Coleoptera (Beetles)
Buprestidae: Acmaeodera tubulus Mcr1991, Agrilus otiosus (Hickory Agrilus) [larvae bore through dead branches] Mcr1991, Anthaxia viridifrons Mcr1991, Chrysobothris adelpha [larvae bore through dead branches] Mcr1991

Homoptera (Sucking Insects)
Aphididae: Protopterocallis quadrata [found on leaflet undersides of hickory trees in Pennsylvania, Georgia, & Washington, D.C.] BE2013; Cercopidae: 
Clastoptera achatina (Pecan Spittlebug) Hm1982; Cicadellidae: Eratoneura anseri DD2010, Eratoneura bigemina [a preferred host plant] DD2010, Eratoneura era DD2010, Eratoneura osborni DD2010, Eratoneura parvipes DD2010, Eratoneura penesica [preferred host plant] DD2010, Eratoneura stoveri DD2010, Eratoneura turgida DD2010, Erythridula enata DD2010, Erythridula minuta [polyphagous] DD2010; Diaspididae: Chionaspis caryae (Hickory Scurfy Scale) [causes deformation of branches & twigs on young trees; this insect is found in NE & north-central USA] SN2014, Diaspidiotus uvae (Grape Scale) [found on bark, polyphagous, although Vitis spp. are preferred hosts; this insect occurs in E USA] SN2014; Phylloxeridae: Phylloxera caryaeavellana [forms galls on leaflet undersides that are pale green & globular; found in Washington, D.C.] BE2013, Phylloxera caryaescissa [forms hairy globular galls on leaflets; found in Washington, D.C.] BE2013, Phylloxera caryaevenae [forms galls with elongated folds along leaflet undersides & corresponding ridges above; distributed in E USA, including Illinois] BE2013, Phylloxera deplanata [forms slightly convex circular galls that have a fringe of hairs around their margins; found in Washington, D.C.] BE2013, Phylloxera perniciosa [forms galls on young shoots, petioles, & leaflet midribs that are ellipsoid with blunt tooth-like projections; found from Virginia to Pennsylvania] BE2013, Phylloxera rimosalis [forms large galls on terminal leaves of young shoots that are flat to slightly convex above & convex with central nipples below; found in Washington, D.C.] BE2013, Phylloxera symmetrica [forms variable galls on leaves, found in the vicinity of Washington, D.C.] BE2013; Pseudococcidae: Dysmicoccus morrisoni (Morrison Mealybug) [found in eastern USA] SN2014

Lepidoptera (Butterflies, Skippers, & Moths)

Noctuidae: Catocala epione (Epione Underwing) Wg2005