Insects Feeding
on this Plant:


Betula papyrifera
(Paper Birch) [Betulaceae]
(Observations are from Hottes & Frison, Clark et al., Dmitriev & Dietrich, MacRae, Blackman & Eastop, Wheeler et al., Opler & Krizek, Miller, Pepper, Robinson & Bradley, Majka et al., ScaleNet)

Coleoptera (Beetles)
Buprestidae: Agrilus anxius (Bronze Birch Borer) Mcr1991; Chrysomelidae: Calligrapha ignota Clk2004, Scelolyperus meracus Clk2004; Curculionidae: Polydrusus sericeus (Green Immigrant Leaf Weevil) [polyphagous; adults feed on leaves of trees & shrubs, larvae feed on roots of other plants; syn. Polydrusus formosus] MAM2007, Pseudanthonomus validus [this insect is found in Canada & scattered areas of USA] MAM2007

Heteroptera (True Bugs)
Miridae: Deraeocoris poecilus WHM1983

Homoptera (Sucking Insects)

Aphididae: Betulaphis quadrituberculata RB1965, Calaphis betulaecolens (Common Birch Aphid) [found on leaves] HF1931 BE2013 Pp1965 RB1965, Calaphis betulella HF1931, Calaphis flava (Yellow Birch Aphid) RB1965, Calaphis leonardi [monophagous on Paper Birch] BE2013, Calaphis viridipallida [found on leaf undersides; observed in Minnesota, North Carolina, & Canada] BE2013, Callipterinella calliptera Pp1965,
Cepegillettea betulaefoliae [found on leaf undersides & young growth; this aphid has been observed in Illinois, Wisconsin, & Canada] BE2013, Euceraphis betulae (Silver Birch Aphid) HF1931 Pp1965, Euceraphis papyrifericola (Paper Birch Aphid) [Paper Birch is the preferred host; this aphid is distributed in NE USA & Canada] BE2013, Euceraphis punctipennis (European Birch Aphid) RB1965, Glyphina setosa [found on roots & underground shoots, observed in New Brunswick] BE2013, Hamamelistes spinosus (Witch Hazel Spiny Gall Aphid) [forms spiny galls on buds of Witch Hazel, migrating to the twigs of birch during the winter & moving to the undersides of birch leaves during the spring] HF1931 BE2013 RB1965, Symydobius americanus (Dark Birch Aphid) [found on young shoots & twigs; distributed in NE USA, north-central USA, & Canada] HF1931 BE2013 RB1965; Cicadellidae: Erythridula praecisa DD2010; Diaspididae: Chionaspis lintneri (Lintner Scurfy Scale) [this insect is found in E USA & SE Canada] SN2014

Lepidoptera (Butterflies, Skippers, & Moths)
Nymphalidae: Nymphalis antiopa (Mourning Cloark) OK1984; Tortricidae: Epinotia solicitana (Birch Shoot Borer Moth) [larvae feed within terminal growth or folded leaves; this moth is found mostly NE of Illinois] Mlr1987