Insects Feeding
on these Plants:


Agrimonia spp.
(Agrimony) [Rosaceae]
(Observations are from the Microleps website, Covell, Felt, Smith, Blackman & Eastop, Pepper)

Diptera (Flies)
Cecidomyiidae: Contarinia agrimoniae [larvae feed on flowers and developing seeds] Flt1907 Flt1917

Homoptera (Sucking Insects)
Aphididae: Macrosiphum agrimoniellum [found on flowering stems, observed in Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, & New Brunswick] BE2013, Macrosiphum pallidum [found on wild roses, migrating to various herbaceous plants in the Rosaceae; syn. Macrosiphum pseudorosae] BE2013 Pp1965

Hymenoptera (Bees, Wasps, & Sawflies)
Tenthredinidae: Fenella nigrita [larvae are leaf-miners] Sm2006

Lepidoptera (Butterflies, Skippers, & Moths)

Gelechiidae: Anacampsis agrimoniella [larvae are leaf-rollers] Cv2005; Tischeriidae: Coptotriche agrimoniella [larvae form marginal leaf-mines] Mic2010